Our New Wash Center Is
Now Open


We've opened a physical Car Wash and Detailing Center at the new luxurious JACX building in Long Island City. Now you can get your car washed while you explore the many things to do in the area. Or you can just sit in our Food Court Lounge that features plenty of amazing restaurants with different cultures of foods. Just a great place to wait for your car to be cleaned! And yes, the prices are less expensive than our mobile alternative. Same Quality though!

We Have A Completely New Booking System


We have redesigned our appointment system to be more easy and intuitive for our customers. Now when you book, you can see your wash specialist on a map when they are en-route to your location. You can also see the before and after pictures after the wash has been completed. There is more but it's just all around a better experience.

We Had To Increase Prices Slightly


We know! No one wants to hear that their favorite company has increased prices, and for years, we have tried not to. However, inflation in general has hit us hard. Chemicals and equipment have gone up in price and labor wages have increased. In order to remain the high quality car wash that we are known for being, we've increased the prices. But you can always look out for ways to save by following our social media or just simply signing up for a membership.

Sign Up For A TouchUP Membership

We have now updated our membership prices to reflect our price increase, however signing up still saves you a lot if you are one of the customers who gets car washes on a consistent schedule. Speaking of schedule, along with our 2 and 4 washes per month memberships, we have now added a "Once A Month" membership option for customers who prefer to not wash their cars so often.

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