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Silver Membership

From: $110.00 / month

  • Pay Cycle Monthly
  • Monthly Plan (1 Wash Per Month) $110/Month ($15 Savings Per Wash)
  • Bi-Weekly Plan (2 Washes Per Month) $200/Month ($25 Savings Per Wash)
  • Weekly Plan (4 Washes Per Month) $360/Month ($35 Savings Per Wash)
  • Wash Package Allowed Bronze Wash or Silver Wash Packages
  • Benefits Schedule Up To 5 Days In Advance | Free Scheduling By Phone Call | 10% Off All Other Packages, Addons, and Detailing Services

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Add this to your subscription to be automatically booked for a specific day and time-frame of the week.
Ex. If you subscribe for 2 washes per month and your preferred wash day is Saturday, you will automatically be booked for Saturday every 2 weeks. We will contact you in advanced to confirm a time or move that date but you take priority over all other customers.

Which Day would you prefer to be automatically scheduled on or around?

(*Note: If you choose a day that says “Not Available”, it is because we already have too many customers that are automatically booked for that day. We will contact you to choose another day, but if any of those customers choose to cancel, you will be offered that slot.)



*Must use member washes within month of purchase and renewal date. Member washes do not rollover.

Feature Descriptions

Hand Wash – TouchUp provides a thorough hand wash using high quality soaps and microfiber mittens. What makes our wash special is our techniques and attention to detail that prevents paint defects often caused by regular car washes, like swirl marks.

Foam Soak – A thick layer of white foam blasted onto the vehicle to help break down difficult that might otherwise stay on throughout the entire wash. This is also an important step because it softens the hard dirts to prevent them being dragged on the car by the microfiber mittens. That causes scratches

Wheel Cleaning – We spray an professional only, acidic wheel cleaner on the wheel to deteriorate break dust and other dirts that often build up on the wheel. We scrub the tires with a wheel brush, wipe the rims with a microfiber rag, then we brush the inside of the wheel nut holes.

Window Cleaning – We use a 2 cloth method to clean windows, ultimately removing smudges and streaks.

Tire Shine – This is wiped onto the tires to give a blacker, cleaner and newer look.

Quick Vacuum – This is a quick 5 minute vacuum focused on the most visible parts of the interior. (Only recommended for less dirty interiors.)

Quick Wipedown – A 5 minute liquid wipedown of the most visible areas of the interior. (Only recommended for less dirty interiors.)

Full Vacuum – This is a deep vacuum of the entire vehicle. Everything is thoroughly vacuumed, including non-visible spots like under and around the seats, under the carpets, side door panels, all seats. Vacuum last up to 20 minutes. (Excludes Glove Compartment and center console box; Excludes Trunk if cluttered.)

Full Wipedown – This is a full liquid wipedown of the interior. This usually removes dust, dirt and some stains from all surfaces of the car. More severe defects may require interior detailing. Wipedown lasts up to 15 minutes.

Deodorizer – A scented spray of fog that travels in your car to provide a pleasant and clean smell. (7+ different scent options)

Spray Wax – A milky spray wax, packed with a lot of wax. We spray on the glossy paint surfaces of the vehicle’s exterior and buff the residue off to provide a nice reflective and clean shine on the car.

Tire Gel – This tire coating is an upgrade to Tire Shine. It provides a shine that lasts longer and shines brighter than Tire Shine. Plus, it smells like grape!

Wheel Scrub – A full wheel cleaning, plus a scrub of the inner par

Additional information

Weight .001 lbs
Dimensions .001 × .001 × .001 in
Amount Per Month

Monthly or 1 Wash Per Month, Bi-Weekly or 2 Washes Per Month, Weekly or 4 Washes Per Month


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