Here are the steps to Pay Via Cash.

  1. Book your wash if you haven't already. You will receive an order details link via SMS and email.
  2. Click the link and find your balance owed.
  3. Get the cash ready. You must have the exact amount owed. Anything extra will be considered a tip for the TouchUp wash specialist who washed your car.
  4. Go to the garage office and tell them you'd like to pay cash for your car wash. They will take your cash and count it in front of you and they will hand you an envelope to write your Name and Your Vehicle Info on.
  5. Once they have finished counting the cash, they will write the amount on an envelope and show it to you so you can confirm the amount. Then they will close it and place it in a safe that only a TouchUp Manager can access.
It is recommended that you watch the entire process to confirm that it happened as described here. If your envelope never gets inside the safe, your order will remain marked as Unpaid and you may not be able to receive your car.