How do I book a wash here at the garage?

All washes are booked through the web app. You can book through the kiosk if you CLICK HERE or on your own device at this link. Or scan this QR Code.

Are there any wash availabilities left today?

In order to see availability, you must start the process of booking a wash online. The system will calculate availability based on the Wash and Addons that you choose. Click Here To Book

What are the prices for the washes?

Click this link to check the prices. Click Here

How do I pay for my wash?

After booking your wash, you will receive a link to your order details. In there, you will see a button to pay for your order via credit/debit card. If you choose to pay via cash, you will have to place the cash in an envelope and give it to the parking valet office to verify that you have placed the amount that you are supposed to pay in the envelope. The valet agent will seal the envelope in front of you and place it in a safe where TouchUp will come and receive it later. It will be assumed that any excess over the amount due was left as a tip for the wash specialist that performed your wash.

Are the car washes done by the OneParking valet attendants?

All washes are being performed by professionals trained by TouchUp Auto Care. Our wash specialists are all trained to the 5-star standards that our business is known for. The Valet Attendants job is only to drive your car up to level 2 of the garage where our wash area is located and a TouchUp Wash Specialist will wash/detail the car there. Then the valet will pickup the vehicle and place it into a parking space.

Where are the cars being washed at?

On level 2 of this garage, there is a custom built Wash Area that valet attendants drive your car to when your appointments start. our wash specialist are located there. Your car never leaves the garage to be washed.