1. Remove All Valuables And Personal Belongings

Remove all valuables and personal belongings from the vehicle. We are not responsible for any missing items inside of the vehicle. You may put leave these items in TouchUp’s 4 designated SAFE ZONES (Glove Box, Center Console Storage, Trunk, Seat Back Pockets). These are areas that the Wash Specialists are not allowed to clean unless told otherwise by the customer.

2. Choose A Good Wash Location

The location you choose for the TouchUp to wash your vehicle is your responsibility. You must ensure that the location abides by these rules.

 1. Must have enough room for TouchUp to park a van in front, behind, or double parked next to your vehicle without getting the way of any traffic.

2. Must be allowed to park there for the duration of the wash. Get permission from all parties if you choose to wash in or block any private spaces or lots.

3. Avoid dusty/dirty areas. Avoid choosing a location next to a construction site, or any place where debris is flying around. The vehicle can get dirty again right after it has been washed. TouchUp is not responsible for cleaning the vehicle again after it has been washed.

4. Make sure the location is safe. The wash cannot take place in a crowded area with a lot of foot traffic. We need to avoid hitting anyone with water from our pressure washer and do not want anyone to slip/trip over our equipment.

You must remember that all washes are timed. If the wash is delayed because we must change the location of your wash for any reason, or we have to continuously stop the wash to prevent injuring or damaging the property of any pedestrian or vehicles nearby, that may take away time from your wash. Please choose your location carefully and have the vehicle ready when your TouchUp Wash Specialist arrives.

3. When The Wash Specialist Arrives

When your wash specialist arrives, you will receive a call or text letting you know that they are outside. Please note that your wash specialist may arrive up to 15 minutes late. Don’t worry, this time is included in your appointment as a grace period. Unless told otherwise, you can expect your specialist to arrive on time or within 15 minutes of your appointment’s start time. When you are informed of their arrival, you must meet them to direct and give them access to your vehicle. You must hand them the vehicle’s key, along with the payment if you chose Cash on Arrival as your payment method. The wash specialist must be paid before they begin their wash, unless told otherwise.